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Our farm has been in our family since the 1930′s. My great grandfather raised tobacco here and was the main cash crop. My father purchased the farm from him and tobacco continued to be the main source of revenue until 1985 when my dad planted strawberries on the farm. We grew tobacco and strawberries, until 1994 when my dad sold his tobacco allotment and focused on strawberries and sweet corn. He started using black plastic to plant strawberries on and saw he could reuse the plastic to plant pumpkins after the strawberries were harvested. I came back to the farm in the spring of 2008. I stared our community supported agriculture or CSA a year later. I have been growing vegetables to sale at local farmers markets ever since. We hope we can continue to serve you in the future.


Brian Howard

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  1. Marcia Fruehan on said:

    Brian….I enjoyed talking with you yesterday. I apologize for not emailing sooner as promised. I’m really excited about your CSA concept and have shared with several friends. Don’t have the $$ right this moment but hope to in a few weeks. I saw Debbie Schneble Price tonite but forgot to mention talking w. you on the phone. I have some clients who have an apple farm near Moravian Falls. Would you be interested in connecting w. them? God bless you in your harvests. Marcia Fruehan 704 880-7193.


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